Red Ginger Cultivation Way In Poly Bag In Order To Quickly Produce

Before we begin to learn about how the cultivation of ginger in poly bag, it will be good first we understand a couple of things here.


Be personally realistic, logical and always stepping with the count for sure. Seek information from reliable sources, do not forget also to distill all the information already obtained logically.

Remember, there is usually some information presented with the vague and full of interest. For example, ginger cultivation info with weights less realistic with how to use a certain product.

Because it could be the author of that information was a plantation products hoping to market the product (but not hurt also to try it out if it was true existence). Such information is sometimes not even focus with process and how the good and righteous, but heading to the ways that tend to be instant. But that kind of thing is very risky, especially for the beginner who wants to dabble in the field of aquaculture.

Therefore, it is highly recommended for beginners to have a directory that he could use as a guide in the process of "Learning by doing" in the field of aquaculture.
The preparation of the

The preparation

Doing calculations with as much detail as possible, or you could also create a cost budget plan if it's in a fairly large scale. Because it would be very helpful to control every activity we do in cultivation activities.
Specify the method that you will use in the manage activities of cultivation. Based on the analysis of the condition of the land which we will use, as well as the effectiveness of cultivation. It will help us in achieving the target we have set through the budget costs which we have created.
After we get what method we will apply. It's time go to the risk analysis, it is aimed to review the methods we will use with multiple stages. Suppose with analysis of risk and solution that we can use to overcome the obstacles we face may be on the way.
The implementation

First of all we have to prepare the seeds and other essentials, such as medicines, fertilizers etc. In order to schedule planting we have set from scratch doesn't bother with such things.
Cultivation and preparation of planting media. After that, enter the basic fertilizer before planting seeds.
Do care and maintenance on a regular basis. Suppose by clearing weeds as well as the granting of additional fertilizer and so on.
Harvest management

We must have accurate information about market prices as well as the number of requests before we throw our products kepasaran.
Based on the data we get from new markets we can harvest cultivation. From these data we can also determine the crops we sell we will be in the form of processed or raw still. Of course it is very influenced by market demand.
General planning of cultivation ways of ginger red in polybag
1. Prepare a planting media

The planting medium we will use is a poly bag or sack used. If you use the sack, can use the sack of the former rice or animal feed. The larger the size of the bag, medium filler that we need also the more, in addition to ginger productivity also will be even greater. However it is recommended to use poly bag with a size of at least 40 × 50 cm.
The media we need to fill the poly bag include: soil, organic fertilizer and sand with a comparison of the 2:1: 1 or 3:2: 1.
Good soil is used for the loose soil and fertile. The loose crumb soil means it is with the composition between the clay, sand and ashes were balanced. Fertile soil means, many contain nutrient elements. If the soil we use the loose soil is fertile and we don't require a lot of additional material such as sand and fertilizer also

Medium sand is urgently needed if the soil that we use have a hefty clay fraction content high. The sand used is also having to sand ladu or sand containing mud. Jam the price is cheap, the sand of this type also contains a lot of mineral deposition materials desperately needed by the plant.
Organic fertilizer
For organic fertilizers, we can use manure, compost or bokashi (fermented fertilizer of microorganisms). If we would use manure, better use manure which already decimated and fermented, it aims to make it easier to be absorbed by the plant.
All the media mix evenly while clear of objects that roughly would interfere, such as palastik, stone and others. then enter into the bag or poly bag we have prepared earlier. Sack filling enough 15-20 cm part, because during the period of plant growth will be done the addition of organic fertilizers that surely will add to the volume of the polybag.
2. ginger Nursery
Preparation of nursery
The terms opt for Ginger seeds planted:

1. Comes from the ginger plant is old, it is usually marked with a heading that is already dry, approximately 9-10 months.
2. ginger Rhizome had passed the period of dormancy (1-1.5 month), Ginger is still fresh with no signs of disease as well as the seeds of decay.
3. The skin does not blister or Rhizome discolored because of the former quarry.
4. Select the Rhizome is lush and fertile.
5. quality Seeds is a good seed (not stored too long).
6. genetic quality will qualify, physiological quality (percentage grow tall) as well as a good physical quality and resistant to pests and disease.
7. The Rhizome that will serve as bibt, preferably cut into pieces with a sterile cutter or dipotes directly with leaves 2-3 Manchester United eye shoots with weights around 25-60 gram to gingerbread large white, 20-40 small white ginger and Ginger red.
Estimation of seed needs to land per acre for a large White Ginger (old harvest) requires the seeds about 2-3 ton and 5 ton for large White Ginger (harvest). While the Red ginger and Ginger emprit around 1-1.5 tons.
If you will be concerned with the presence of mold, the seeds we can soak first in fungicide solution (e.g. Dithane M-45) for approximately 15 minutes (for conventional cultivation). If not, the seed is pretty soaked or moistened with water, then put in place a damp to germinate properly. In addition, we must also control it every day membasahinya way if seedlings have started to dry up. The seeds will begin to germinate in approximately 2 weeks.

One way to menyemaikan Ginger is to use wooden crates with a working order as follows.
a. At the bottom of the crate lay the seeds of future an
b. give the rice husk or abu rub, then seed the ginger give abu rub again. Continue to be so until the very top are rice husk ash or rubbing (padded, abu rub, seeds, seedlings, abu rub).
c. the Seeds will begin to grow within 2-4 weeks. If it has been growing with the height of around 10 cm (3-5 leaves). If it is so we can take the seeds from rimpangnya and then we plant in the sack or polybag.
d. the remaining Rhizome can we plant back seeding in place in order to grow seedlings the other. (single Rhizome can produce about 2-4 seeds).
e. After the seeds we sow, the ginger plant do not directly we place on an open space with exposure to sunlight directly. But we have to adapt in the first place that has a shade up to about 1.5-2 months.

3. Plant
Planting seeds of ginger in poly bag or sack must be very carefully. Make a hole in a polybag, roughly as big as the size of the seed, then insert media (soil, sand and mulch) along with his seed into poly bag. Afterwards close the lid with the media around and compress perfunctory only. Once the process is finished, the media and the planting of seedlings should often with water to taste so that his needs would be sure to grow properly.

4. Keep the
Plant maintenance ginger in poly bag or sack is very easy, the maintenance typically includes: weeding, watering, fertilization and media penggemburan the control of pests and diseases.

5. Harvest
Ginger plants we already bududayakan that we can harvest more or less after about 10 months. The plant is old and ready to harvest the plant is already past the time it dries, where leaves and the stem is changed into yellow and it dries up. The process of harvesting ginger that we plant in poly bag is very easy, because we do not have to painstakingly to dig. We just need to use a trowel or tear pouch poly bag that has begun to be rotted.

Lift Rhizome of ginger with caution so as not to damage, kemudaion clear of the ground and dirt sticking (if necessary wash with clean water). A clump of plants existing in the ginger one medium size 50 kg sack planting can make ginger Rhizome about 2-5 kg.